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Canadian High School Graduation

Canadian High School Graduation

British Columbia Graduation Program

The British Columbia Certificate of Graduation or Dogwood Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of 80 provincial ministry approved credits. Students begin with an individual graduation plan that guides their path to university. 

Students at Grades 10, 11 and 12 come to MHS for graduating and receiving their High School Diploma in Canada. In order to graduate from high school in British Columbia, 80 credits must be completed in a government-approved institution. Except some of the compulsory courses, such as Math and English 10, 11 and 12, foreign students can claim credits for the courses taken in their own countries. When students arrive at THS, they are assessed first for their English and Math skills. If the student’s English level is low for completing the high school courses, then s/he is placed first to the English as Second Language (ESL) courses. Once ESL courses are completed, or students advanced in their English skills, student resume their regular High School graduation program.

Adult Graduation

Students who turn 19 while studying at The High School at Vancouver Island University can be eligible for the British Columbia Adult Dogwood Diploma. Requirements include completion of 20 ministry approved credits, which must include English 12 or Communications 12 and Mathematics 11 or 12. 

Watch our video below on planning your graduation at The High School towards your university education: